Aaron L Wilson

Aaron L Wilson

Research and design blog on the potentials of innovation to spur sustainable community development through activating urban environments, improving community partnerships, and developing more efficient urban infrastructure.
Coming Soon! Will be a place for the more spocalyptic designs and drawings.
Brewte Force
Coming Soon! Design (building, labels, event) ideas for a future cafe/pub featuring its own urban agriculture grow houses and beer brewing facilities.


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I am fascinated by the term utopia and bring that excitement to every role. Its etymology comes from Greek meaning "no place" and has a close relation to eutopia meaning "good place."  In English this pair is homophonous, creating a conundrum resulting in dropping eutopia and allowing utopia to reference a non-existent level of perfection generally agreed to be unattainable.  Over time the term has fallen out of favor in goal setting, preferring instead to set the bar for outcomes with a path where achievement can be instantly envisioned.  I consider this to be a great tragedy.  When goals are set that limit results to what is perceived from the outset to be attainable, then the possibility of aspiring to a unique resolution is forfeited.  

I am interested in an opportunity where the team's mission supports next level innovation through not limiting goals to preconceived standards.  Utilizing a process of co-development across previously unconnected fields, the team identifies and corrects waste where stovepiped teams previously reinvented the wheel three and four times, making a smooth delivery of a more efficient product.  The team establishes and ceaselessly pursues a path to reduce overlap, recognize shared goals and abilities, and allows innovation to reach a higher level.

I currently serve as a Supervisory Project Manager for the United States General Services Administration, operating under the personal mantra that it is not just about the task, but about the people.  For every project initiated, tool implemented, and measure to evaluate performance created, it is first the people on my team and in our client agencies that is my primary objective to serve and support.   It is necessary that changes in operation support improve the quality of work and meet client needs.  Data collection on its own only provides information and misses the individuality and differences in execution of every project.  It is necessary to evaluate the entire picture and work to improve the entire process, not through broad implementation, but through evaluation of the unique aspects in the situations faced.  

Formerly working as a project manager I know how to take projects from conception to conclusion – managing time, budget, and client interests with project goals.  With a background studying architecture and sustainable design, and consulting organizations on implementation of sustainable solutions, I am driven to discover how we innovate current practices to meet the needs of today while solving the challenges of tomorrow.  We are a global society evolving into a migratory world.  To meet this changing atmosphere we must pursue unique strategies and develop mutually beneficial relationships between community organizations, business, and government.

I encourage you to review my past and work samples below, visit my blog (www.patchopolis.com), and/or follow me on Twitter (@AaronLWilson) to see what I am working on and thinking about, and connect with me to discuss ideas on how we can work together to create a brighter and successful future!


While I currently work as supervisor to the project managment team on building alterations and tenant improvements for the U.S. General Services Administration, my passion is in the incorporation of urban agriculture, meeting the needs of an increasingly mobile and connected society, and collaboration between networks to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Prior to my current work, my academic research was focused in architecture and sustainability. I also completed academic and professional research on:

- The Dow Jones Sustainability Index and sectoral ranks impact on corporate performance.

- Inherent benefits of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management on sustainable measures.

- Comparing corporate sustainable and ethical performance by industry.

- Rain water harvesting designs for community gardens.

Currently I am working in my free time on:
a.) Patchopolis, my blog with links on the left side of this page.
b.) Transition to a migratory world.
c.) Developing DIY urban agricultural system in my apartment.
d.) My search for the life-ruiningly outstanding.


Click here for formal resume.

Below are links to work sample PDFs. I invite you to open any enjoy any of them and use your browser back button to return to my website when you are done.


Graduate School Work Samples SSC White Paper M. Arch Final Project M.S. in Architecture in Sustainable Design Final Project